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DCI 1120037774DCI offers a wide variety of services provided by highly qualified agriculture professionals in geographies all over the U.S.

 DCI is the undisputed leader of temporary

agriculture professionals in the U.S.

We partner with many of the iconic agricultural leaders in the United States as well as smaller but just as important agricultural clients. We pride ourselves on being well connected and experienced in building superior teams to help our clients launch new products, staff PhD's to evaluate field trials, support existing portfolios and everything in between. At DCI we collaborate with our clients to design a solution that will maximize the effectiveness of any project in the field. 


At DCI, our goal is to exceed our clients' expectations. We collaborate with our clients to determine:

  • What are the tasks and objectives of the project
  • What is the timeline for completion 
  • What special skills, experience, or educational background will the ideal contractor have
  • How many contractors are needed to sufficently staff the project
  • In what geographies are contractors needed to maximize effectiveness



Client Q & A

  • How do we start? +

    DCI will exceed your expectations on your next sales or service project. Simply call our VP of Sales & Operations, Jackie Weldon today at 1-800-558-6803, Ext. 104 to discuss your project. Or to fill out an online form, simply click the 'read more' button. Read More
  • Who are these contractors? +

    We call on our decades of experience and an extensive long-standing network of contacts in the industry to find the most experienced and professional contractors available. The typical DCI contractor has 15-30 years of experience in the industry with superior communication and organizational skills.
  • How much do projects cost? +

    Project cost is dependent upon many factors including the size of the project, the scope and difficulty of the work, as well as the geography involved.
  • How long do these projects last? +

    Projects can last from a matter of a few weeks to 2-3 years or more. We collaborate to exceed your expectations and maximize your effectiveness in the field. The project may involve two contractors or 100 contractors, the choice is yours.
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Expertise and Personnel wherever you need it!

Roster of more than 10,000 experienced ag professionals
from nearly every corner of the U.S. to provide targeted
solutions and measurable results.


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