The Personalities That Drive Direct Contact

The success of Direct Contact can be directly attributed to our contractors, that hardworking and dedicated
group of individuals who tackle the field work on each of our projects.  Each month, Direct Contact, Inc. presents a Spotlight
feature to show our appreciation and recognize the efforts of our dedicated contractors on the DCI/DRI team.

Adriane Dehn - April 2020

This month we are pleased to present Adriane Dehn. Adriane is a recent University of Central Missouri graduate and a true 'ag-vocate' . Adriane enjoys spending time with her family and her happy place is the great outdoors. We are pleased to have such an enthusiastic and stalwart contractor on our team, we are certain that Adriane will be making a positive impact in the ag industry for many years to come. Please enjoy reading more about Adriane in this month's Contractor Spotlight. 

How did you get involved with DCI?
    During the summer of 2018, I did an internship with a local seed retailer. She informed me of contractor opportunities with Direct Contact, and my experience and background was a good fit for one of their openings!


Tell us about your background:
    I grew up in a small town, raised helping my family on our family farm. On our family farm, we grow corn and soybeans. My sister and I also have a small cow/calf herd.  After high school, I earned a Bachelors's Degree in Agronomy at the University of Central Missouri and graduated in December of 2019. I joined the DCI contractor team my senior year of college and am still working on DCI's contractor team!


What is the best thing about being a DCI Contractor?
    I really enjoy the fact that my schedule is different every day! I love being able to meet new people and be on the road traveling from farm to farm. I enjoy the different day-to-day activities and the challenges that come along with them. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge with the farmers I work with and hope that my efforts help them to improve their operation for many years to come!


Tell us about your home and family.
    My parents are Bryan and Melinda, and I have one older sister, Laurel.


What was your first job?
    My first job was working on our family farm.


What are your hobbies and interests?
    If it has to do with being outside, you'll find me there! I love playing sports, hunting, fishing, working out, and going out on the lake. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family any chance I get.


What do you do the first hour of the morning?
    During the first hour of the morning, I like to get up and get a workout in. For me, working out in the morning always makes for a productive day!


What are you ordering for your favorite meal?
    Bacon-wrapped filet, loaded baked potato, with a side of asparagus. And I can't forget a slice of carrot cake for dessert!


What are your favorite sports teams and music groups?
    The Kansas City Chiefs and the Kansas City Royals are my favorite sports teams. My favorite music group would have to be anything in the country genre.


Tell us about your favorite pet.
    My favorite pet is my back lab, Shadow. I got him when I was in third grade, I went to school the next day I asked my class what I should name him and we came up with Shadow! Fourteen years later, Shadow is still here with us; he just has a few more gray hairs!


What was the first concert you attended?
    Raven Simone and Corbin Blue


Where in the world are you dying to visit?
    Anywhere that has a beach!


What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
    Don't live life in a hurry!

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