Industry News | 10-10-2022

Low Mississippi Levels Ground Barges

Remember how much fun it used to be playing in a sandbox as a kid? There is nothing fun about the sandbars littering the lower Mississippi River as water levels continue to fall with no rain in sight. Low water levels have caused at least eight barge groundings this week, portions of the Mississippi River to be temporarily closed backing up shipping traffic, barges being loaded at far less than capacity and temporary shutdowns at grain terminals. Corn and soybean basis levels in many areas have dramatically widened as a result, hurting farm revenue potential.
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U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol Welcomes Timeless Luxury Brand, Ralph Lauren, as a Member

The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol ("Trust Protocol") is pleased to announce the membership of Ralph Lauren Corporation ("Ralph Lauren"), an iconic luxury brand with an enduring philosophy of creating timeless products that are meant to be worn and loved for generations. This membership will support Ralph Lauren in its efforts to scale sustainable practices in U.S. cotton production. Grounded in its philosophy of timelessness, Ralph Lauren's Global Citizenship and Sustainability strategy, Timeless by Design, is the Company's commitment to a lasting, positive impact on the planet and the communities it serves across three pillars: Create with Intent, Protect the Environment, and Champion Better Lives.
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Why a New App Designed by Iowa State Could Be a Game Changer to Identify and Diagnose Unwanted Pests

In fields across Iowa, unwanted pests are on the prowl year after year, but a new app could help farmers not only detect which pests are in their field, but also give insights on how to treat the field if it's a yield-robbing pest. “It is the first of its kind in the sense we are trying to cater the needs of farmer by putting these management practices or strategies linked with insect detection,” says Arti Singh,  assistant professor in Department of Agronomy at Iowa State University. The main goal is to make pest management simpler, which is why the app is a one-stop shop that first identifies the pest, but also gives management advice by recommending on next steps.
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Raised at Full Draw Brings Archery, Outdoor Education to Youth and Adults

A non-profit continues its mission to introduce children and adults to archery, bowhunting, and outdoor education. Warren Holder, with the television show Raised Hunting on the Outdoor Channel, tells Brownfield the organization Raised At Full Draw was established to help reduce the declining participation of hunters nationwide. He’s says the program was founded by his parents, David and Karin Holder, and it continues to expand each year.
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How Does Drought Affect a Fall-Calving Herd?

Dying trees, brown grass and cracked lawns are visible signs of a lack of rainfall. Along with the landscape disadvantages, a lack of rainfall is detrimental to establishing crops and growing pasture grass, which can lead to negative consequences for the beef cattle that graze those fields and pastures, said experts at the Kansas State University Beef Cattle Institute.
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