Industry News | 09-19-2022

Syngenta Seedcare and Bioceres Crop Solutions Collaborate on Biological Seed Treatments

A new collaboration has developed in the world of biological seed treatments. On Sept. 16, Syngenta Crop Protection’s Seedcare business and Bioceres Crop Solutions announced a global commercial and R&D partnership. This collaboration builds “on a successful commercial partnership of more than 20 years in Argentina,” a release says. With the agreement, Syngenta Seedcare will become the exclusive commercialization distributor for Bioceres biological seed treatment solutions — specifically, their line of biological innoculants, including their rhizobia bacteria strain. Bioceres will continue to collaborate in Argentina under their existing framework. This collaboration will allow the companies “to jointly undertake the development of new products while accelerating the registration of products already in the pipeline.”
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Dairy Farmers of America Secures up to $45 Million in USDA Grant Funding for Low-Carbon Dairy Pilot Project

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), a national dairy cooperative with more than 11,500 family farmers, has been selected to receive up to $45 million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to scale methane emissions reductions and increase soil carbon sequestration on U.S. dairy farms as well as develop and market climate-smart, low-carbon dairy products.
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How USDA's $2.8 Billion Climate-Smart Investment Might Impact Your Operation

After months of talking about climate-smart agriculture and working with a handful of funding recipients, USDA is now investing up to $2.8 billion in 70 projects under the first Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities funding pool. The projects, which seek funds ranging from $5 million to $100 million, include everything from flood control to building carbon markets.
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Farmers Gear Up for Harvest and Beyond

Farming in the arid West, Marc Arnusch has spent a career knowing his farm is always a drop or two away from drought. Nearly everything done on the Colorado farm revolves around water, or lack of it. Those realities played out this past week as the farmer quickly seeded some fall wheat after receiving a small shower on his acres near Keenesburg. "We won't seed any more until we see what the skies offer," said Arnusch. Meanwhile, in central Ohio, fellow farmer Luke Garrabrant often fights the opposite problem. Getting water to drain off the heavier soils he farms becomes paramount to being timely in nearly every operation from planting to spraying to harvest to spraying again. This week as he prepares to begin harvest, he wonders whether the whims of weather will play havoc with the end of the season, as they did the beginning.
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What are the Five Symbols of the FFA Emblem?

When you look down at that iconic FFA Emblem on your blue corduroy jacket, there’s a lot to take in. But do you know what it all means? The National FFA Emblem dates back to 1926 when Henry Groseclose was working on developing the Future Farmers of Virginia constitution and bylaws. Digging through some ag materials from Denmark, Groseclose stumbled upon an image of an owl perched on top of a spade. From there he worked with R.W. Cline, a graduate student at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, to further develop the image, resulting in the FFA emblem we see today. The National FFA Emblem consist of five symbols, along with the words “Agriculture Education” and “FFA,” to tell the history, goals, and vision of the organization.
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