Industry News | 07-25-2022

FMC Corporation Completes Acquisition of BioPhero ApS

FMC Corporation announced that it has completed the closing of its acquisition of BioPhero ApS, a Denmark-based pheromone research and production company. The companies announced the signing of a definitive acquisition agreement on June 29, 2022, and have now satisfied all necessary conditions and regulatory approvals.
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Purina Joins Primient’s Sustainable Agriculture Program

Primient, a leading producer of food and industrial ingredients made from plant-based, renewable sources, is pleased to announce that Nestlé Purina, a global leader in pet care, has joined its sustainable agriculture program. Through the program, Purina will sponsor 200,000 acres of corn grown in the United States. Primient’s sustainable agriculture program supports Purina’s net zero commitment by allowing greater visibility of its environmental footprint beyond their facilities, including the practices used by enrolled farms as well as progress reports outlining the impact of the sustainable corn growing program.n 2020, most of the values of cotton (62 percent), dairy (73 percent), and specialty crops (57 percent) were produced on large-scale family farms. USDA defines a family farm as one in which the principal operator and related family own the majority of the assets used in the operation. Large-scale family farms are those with an annual gross cash farm income of $1 million or more. However, small family farms produced the bulk of hay production (59 percent) and poultry and egg output (49 percent) in 2020. Poultry operations are often classified as “small” because most output is under a production contract arrangement, with a contractor paying a fee to a farmer who raises poultry to maturity. Additionally, more than one-quarter of beef production occurred on small family farms that generally have cow/calf operations.
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Texas Woman Wins BASF’s Cotton-Catalog Photo Contest

A photograph by Rachel Eggemeyer — who captured her daughter, Claire, in her flower-girl dress from a family wedding a few years ago — has been chosen as the winner of BASF’s 2023 Cotton Variety catalog photo contest. “When Noble, our BASF sales rep, called me to tell me I won, I was shocked because I’m not an actual photographer,” said Eggemeyer, who farms in Midkiff, Texas. “I just like to play around with my camera on the farm, so I was excited.”
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Tire Protection to Prevent Punctured Tire

Frustrated by the expense and downtime brought on by punctured tires, Jay Allen designed something to bring the damage to an end. He calls it a stalk stomper: It manages the stubble left by newer corn heads and hybrids that don’t break down readily on his no-till fields by leaning it in the direction of travel. The length of steel well casing (about 4 inches wider than the tractor’s front tires) suspended by chains hangs 1 to 2 inches off the ground. For road travel, shorter grab hooks hold the pipe, which weighs about 30 pounds. The frame extends 20 inches in front of the tractor. “You just have to remember not to hit a fence post!” he says.
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Help in Managing the Spread of Invasive Trees and Vegetation in the U.S.

When introduced beyond their natural geography, many species of trees and vegetation can infest and degrade land while harming native ecosystems. They have the potential to overtake fields and forests, or even the resources native grasses and vegetation need to live, which results in killing off valuable grazing and production land. Stringent control and eradication measures are often necessary to minimize the spread of invasive trees and prevent damage to the environment. Fortunately, there are a variety of options for removing these tenacious intruders from your property.
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