Industry News | 01-31-2022

How Alpaca Farms Contribute to American Agriculture

Alpacas are cute, wooly, and funky looking farm animals that are often overlooked when many people think about farming and agriculture. Their long neck and little underbite may make them look pretty silly, but they shouldn’t be underestimated. Alpacas are livestock animals who contribute to agriculture all over the world. Mark and Sharon Gilbride of Bloomfield, New York, realized how valuable alpacas are a long time ago. Their farm, Lazy Acre Alpacas, is home to 55 alpacas, all who are shorn once a year for wool production. The couple also offer tours to the public to see how alpacas contribute to the economy.
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BASF is Fighting Industry-Wide Supply Challenges With Proactive Planning and Efforts

For decades, BASF products and solutions have remained a consistent, dependable, mainstay for growers. During an ongoing and unpredictable pandemic, BASF, like the entire agriculture industry, has not been immune to challenges. “BASF is experiencing record levels of demand for many solutions in our herbicide and fungicide portfolios, including but not limited to: Liberty® herbicide, Rely® herbicide and Veltyma™, Priaxor®, Revytek™ fungicides as well as other crop solutions. Increased levels of demand, coupled with pandemic-era supply chain issues, has compounded the challenges we are facing,” said Kate Greif, Product Manager, BASF Agricultural Solutions North America.
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Dairy Calves Use Brushes for More than Combing their Hair

Dairy cows have a natural drive to groom themselves and to scratch those hard-to-reach itches on their bodies. When given the opportunity, dairy cattle use mechanical brushes daily at every stage of their lives. A new study in the Journal of Dairy Science, published by Elsevier, conducted by researchers from the Animal Welfare Program, Faculty of Land and Food Systems, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, is the first to characterize the use of stationary brushes among weaned dairy heifers.
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The 1000 Farms Initiative Investigates Regenerative Agriculture Across the U.S.

The Ecdysis Foundation is launching a study that aims to investigate regenerative agriculture across the United States. The 1000 Farms Initiative is one of the largest projects to date that will gather data on agricultural management practices, soil and water health, biodiversity, and profits on more than 1,000 farms and ranches. “What this project is intended to do is show that no matter what you grow, or where you’re growing, regenerative works,” Dr. Jonathan Lundgren, Director of the Ecdysis Foundation, tells Food Tank. The study aims to address the lack of scientifically backed data on the outcomes and benefits of regenerative agriculture. 
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CHS Expects Fertilizer Prices to Come Down in 2022

The nation’s largest farmer-owned cooperative says record high fertilizer prices aren’t likely to stay at these levels for all of 2022. Kevin Doyle is the sales manager with CHS. “Depends on commodity a little bit but we do think we’re at the high end of the market, but we will head downhill as we get into midsummer and fall.” He tells Brownfield the market should correct itself because “What we’re experiencing today, and we say this regularly, this is a once in a lifetime thing. We haven’t seen this before. We do think overtime it will even out and balance out.”
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