Industry News | 12-13-2021

Mayfield Grain Company Demolished by Rare Mid-December Tornado that Ravaged Rural Kentucky Town

A series of severe storms barreled across the U.S. Friday night, producing rare mid-December tornadoes. The system proved deadly as it ravaged areas across the Midwest and South. Officials said Sunday the current death toll in Kentucky could be as low as 50 or as high as 100, with at least 14 deaths reported in other states. Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan Quarles says the damage is mounting for the state's agriculture industry.
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Bayer Crop Science Launches Plant-Based Protein Research Call for Academics Through IN-PART

Bayer Crop Science is running a campaign through IN-PART’s Discover platform to find and fund new academic partners working on plant-based protein production for human health, sustainable agriculture, food and industrial applications. There are a range of opportunities to partner with the Open Innovation team at Bayer Crop Science depending on the requirement of the project, including project/PhD funding, sponsored research and research collaboration agreements.
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Introducing Market+, Indigo Heralds Next Chapter as the Ag Industry’s Independent Technology Platform Partner

Indigo Agriculture, in its commitment to operating as an independent technology enabler for the ag industry, today introduced a new Market+ by Indigo identity for its keystone digital offer. The change from Indigo Marketplace to Market+ acknowledges the company’s evolution of the offer from a digital merchant to the industry’s neutral and independent digital merchandising solutions provider. The new name comes ahead of the anticipated release of a new suite of marketing and merchandising tools, developed with input from over 150 grain merchants, farmers, and advisers through extensive market testing over the last year.
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New Test For Bovine Respiratory Disease May Save Cattle Industry Millions, Reduce Antibiotic Use

Sous-vide cooking inspired an idea that took promising technology out of the lab and into the barn. Researchers at Purdue University successfully developed an on-site bovine respiratory disease test that provides results within an hour. The team of researchers has been steadily advancing the point-of-care technology to address the disease, which is the most common and costly disease affecting cattle in the world. “We wanted to see if the technology is tough enough for the farm and how messy we could get,” said Mohit Verma, assistant professor of agricultural and biological engineering, who led the research.
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Best Quality Peanut Crop Many Have Ever Seen

The 2021 peanut crop is turning out to be the best quality peanut crop Bob Parker has ever seen in his more than 40 years in the U.S. peanut industry. In a Nov. 23 webinar sponsored by the American Peanut Council, Parker, president and CEO of the National Peanut Board, emphasized that this year’s crop is truly excellent when it comes to aflatoxin. Parker noted that shellers and handlers are doing internal testing on aflatoxin and the results show exceptionally low numbers, which bodes well for an exceptionally good quality peanut crop.
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