Industry News | 11-29-2021

Syngenta Crop Protection Announces PLINAZOLIN® Technology

Syngenta Crop Protection announces PLINAZOLIN® technology a new and innovative active ingredient with a novel Mode of Action (IRAC Group 30) for insect control that will help growers protect their crops from a wide range of pests. PLINAZOLIN® technology delivers a new standard of performance, particularly against pests for which existing products no longer can provide effective control. It provides an effective solution in resistance management strategies and replaces older, less effective chemistries. The sunlight stability and rain-resistant properties of PLINAZOLIN® technology allow for longer spray intervals and fewer applications aimed at improving crop productivity and quality.
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National No-Tillage Agriculture Conference Headed to Kentucky, Scholarships Available

The National No Tillage Conference is coming to Louisville in January, and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture says scholarships are available for first-time attendees to what is billed as the world’s largest no-till event. No-till planting, a practice that first found success in Kentucky, marks 60 years in 2022. And for only the second time in its 30-year history, the National No-Tillage Conference, the event that celebrates and encourages no-till practices for agriculture, will be held in Kentucky. “We are excited to once again host the National No-Tillage Conference,” said Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan Quarles. “Since the practice first found success in Kentucky in 1962, it’s only fitting we welcome the conference that celebrates and encourages this agricultural execution, back home to where it all began. No-till planting has changed the way Kentucky farmers can work the land for the benefit of all.
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Corn Silage Inclusion Level in Feedlot Diets

The business model of the cattle feeding industry is built upon the concept of adding value to feedstuffs by converting them to beef. Beef has much more value as a human edible protein source compared with typical cattle feedstuffs, including corn. Let’s investigate the question: Is it more economical to feed beef cattle corn or corn silage in feedlot diets? Michigan State University Extension offers more information about this subject on its beef nutrition site.
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Demonstration Field on North Dakota Farm Shows the Value of Trying New Things

Jason Strand stands in his corn field, knee deep in pumpkins and turnips and a variety of other species not usually found in the middle of a corn field. He peels back a husk and reveals an ear of corn that, despite the drought of 2021, was of pretty average length and width and was full of kernels. Strand’s field later yielded 100.5 bushels per acre. That’s 28% less than the 140 bushels per acre the same variety of corn yielded a mile away. But Strand isn’t farming for bushels, and he’s pleased with his 60-acre field, which he hopes can highlight soil health principles and the idea that farming and ranching success isn’t always tied to yield.
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EPA Misses the Mark on Farm Herbicide Evaluations

Farm and ranch groups are frustrated with the final biological evaluations made by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on atrazine, glyphosate and simazine. Grower organizations, including American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), say EPA failed to take the groups’ comments and real-world scenarios into account before releasing the evaluations showing the three common farm herbicides are “likely to adversely affect” certain listed endangered or threatened species or designated critical habitats.
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