Industry News | 11-22-2021

John Deere and UAW Reach New 6-Year Deal, Ending Month-Long Strike

After a month of tension, debate and severe slowdowns at John Deere production and parts facilities, more than 10,000 John Deere workers will be back to work this week. Members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) Union approved a new six-year deal on Wednesday, with a 61% vote of approval.
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Thanksgiving Dinner Will Cost More. but How Much?

Americans can cook the classic Thanksgiving meal featuring roast turkey and pumpkin pie for $5.33 a person, according to an informal survey of supermarket prices. But while all sides agree that ingredients for the meal will cost more this year, there is a wide range of viewpoints on how large the increase will be.
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California Startup That Created the World’s Smartest Tractor Gets a $61 Million Boost

Monarch tractor, a company based in Livermore, California, got everyone’s attention when it introduced the most futuristic vehicle in the agricultural sector ever imagined. At the end of 2020, this electric, autonomous tractor was ready to make agriculture more efficient. Almost one year later, a considerable financial boost confirms its potential.
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Farm Building Repairs Key to Longevity

Farm buildings are a major investment for any operation, and keeping them in sound repair is a key part of making sure they can be used for many years to come. Whether new or renovated, there are critical structural considerations that should be made, especially with buildings made of wooden framing and covered in ribbed metal sheeting.
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Purdue Agriculture home to 2021 National Thanksgiving Turkeys

Purdue University’s Department of Animal Sciences in the College of Agriculture will provide a home and care for the National Thanksgiving Turkey and alternate following this week’s National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation at the White House. The turkeys will live at Purdue’s Animal Science Research and Education Center, where they will reside in a separate enclosed indoor setting with access to a shaded grassy area.
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