Industry News | 10-25-2021

BASF and Cargill to Develop Enzymes to Tackle Productivity and Sustainability Challenges

The extended enzyme alliance between BASF and Cargill looks to further innovation aimed at reducing nutrient waste, improving feed efficiency, and promoting animal growth and wellbeing.
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Study Reveals National Sensitivity of US Dairy Systems to Extreme Heat and Cold

When people think about climate change and its impact on agriculture, it’s usually centered more around what’s coming out of the ground than what’s grazing on it. “There’s a lot of interest in the impacts of climate change on agriculture. But for the most part, our attention has focused on our major crops,” said Colorado State University Assistant Professor Nathan Mueller. “Usually, when we’re hearing about climate change and livestock, it’s in the context of climate change mitigation. But it’s also critical that we assess the sensitivity of livestock systems to climate variability, so we know the risks facing these systems in a changing climate.”
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AFBF, Ag Groups File Objection to EPA Chlorpyrifos Ban

A large coalition of agricultural groups wrote to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) asking it to postpone revocation of chlorpyrifos until it can consider their formal objections to the rule. EPA announced it will prohibit the use of chlorpyrifos on food crops grown in the United States on Aug. 18. "We object to how EPA has come to this decision to revoke tolerances for chlorpyrifos,” Allison Crittenden, American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) Congressional Relations director, said. “We make the case in the letter that EPA’s own scientific record on chlorpyrifos shows that there are actually many safe and high benefit uses of this chemistry that do not pose a dietary or environmental risk. So, in this letter we’re asking EPA to acknowledge that and to stay its decision to revoke the tolerances.”
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Red River Valley Businesses Rally During Sugarbeet Harvest

With the steady stream of tractor lights illuminating acres upon acres of fields after dusk and trucks buzzing up and down the rural roads in the Red River Valley, one thing is clear: It’s officially sugarbeet harvest season. While the parades of equipment and the influx of occupants in the region make it quite obvious that it’s time to get the beets out of the ground, there is another tell-tale sign: Local businesses keep their midnight oil burning. Many of these businesses keep their doors open long after the sun goes down, helping those sugarbeet producers and workers fix broken equipment, deliver a crucial part or even provide a space for a much-needed coffee break.
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Meet The Soil Whisperer Still Uncovering Secrets Of The Soil at World's Third Oldest Continuous Research Farm

Anyone who’s visited the University of Missouri or Columbia, Mo., has more than likely passed through the intersection of College Ave. and Rollins St. The bustling intersection doesn’t just serve as the eastern entry point to campus. College Ave. is a main transportation vein in the growing college town. It’s an intersection that has grown over what used to be University of Missouri farm fields. And today, black gates still sit on the northeast corner of that popular intersection, gates that serve as an entrance to agronomy of the past, present and future. “This is a very unique treasure that we have,” says Tim Reinbott, director of Sanborn Field at the University of Missouri. “Sanborn Feld is a third-oldest continuous research center in the world. That's right, the world.”
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