This month we are pleased to present Colby Woods for our Spotlight Feature. Colby is a hardworking, agricultural small business owner who has found time to continue serving the ag industry and his local communities by participating in project work with DCI. We are pleased to work with Colby as his talents and passion for the industry are a gift to many. Please enjoy reading more about Colby in this month's Contractor Spotlight. 

How did you get involved with DCI?
    I got involved through my seed dealership where I was working with the company that had an opening for project work with Direct Contact.


Tell us about your background:
    I went to the University of Nebraska in Lincoln where I received my Agronomy Degree. I began my career working for a local coop right out of school for about 6 years. After that opportunity, I joined a start-up seed company called Rob See Co, where I worked for 4 years. In 2017, I was approached by a well-known brand and I decided to start my own seed dealership. I am currently the owner of Woods Ag Services, we sell seed and precision agriculture equipment services,  along with other agronomy services.


What is the best thing about being a DCI Contractor?
    The best thing about being a DCI contractor is the opportunity we are given to help local farmers so they can be successful on their operations.


Tell us about your home and family.
    My wife Jessica, two children Ruby (6), Gibson (2), and I live in Elkhorn, Nebraska. We also have two wonder Labradors, Chuck and Murphy!


When completing contract work what are you driving?
    Ford F-250


What was your first job?
    My first job was golf course maintenance for a local course in Omaha as a young adult. Previous to that, as a kid I helped dad bail hay, straw, and alfalfa during the summers in Iowa.


What are your hobbies and interests?
    I love to golf and be outdoors. I also play hockey for some extra exercise and enjoyment. Hockey has been a passion of mine and I have played since I was 5 yrs old.


What do you do the first hour of the morning?
    Enjoy a hot cup of coffee and catch up on local news, social media, and read features AG articles.


What is your greatest achievement?
    Becoming a father to my two wonderful children.


What are you ordering for your favorite meal?
    Chicken Parmesan and sushi as an appetizer. 


Who is are your favorite sports teams/music group?
    Colorado Avalanche, Chicago Bears, Nebraksa Cornhuskers and Dave Matthew’s Band.


What is the happiest memory of your life?
    My happiest memories are the births of my two children.


Tell us about your favorite pet
    My childhood Newfoundland, Cassie.


What three people (living or not) would you invite to a dinner party?
    My great-grandfather that passed before I was born, Ricky Gervais, and Dave Portnoy


What was your first concert?


What historical figure do you admire most?
    President Lincoln


Do you have a guilty pleasure?
    Chips, cheese, and Oreos!


Tell us something about yourself most people who know you are NOT aware of
    I’m color blind (red/green).


Where in the world are you dying to visit?
    Greece, I love Greek mythology!


What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
    Your relationship is only as strong as the relationships you surround yourself with.


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