The Personalities That Drive Direct Contact

The success of Direct Contact can be directly attributed to our contractors, that hardworking and dedicated
group of individuals who tackle the field work on each of our projects.  Each month, Direct Contact, Inc. presents a Spotlight
feature to show our appreciation and recognize the efforts of our dedicated contractors on the DCI/DRI team.

Brent Fedders - March 2019

This month we are pleased to feature Brent Fedders of Mason City, Iowa. Brent joined the DCI Team in 2018. Brent is a proud father and dedicated agriculture professional. Brent is very passionate about dedicating time to mentor and help others to realize their full potential. Brent is a great addition to the DCI team and has recently volunteered time to help share the word about DCI at local ag colleges in Iowa. We are grateful for Brent, his can-do attitude and his passion for encouraging and lifting others up. Please enjoy reading more about Brent Fedders.

How did you get involved with DCI?
   I was networking with some people on LinkedIn and came across a former DCI contractor. I connected with him and he shared his experience with DCI and that gained my interest enough to apply on the DCI website.


Tell us about your background:
    I have had many great career stops including Terra, Monsanto, Cargill, and Hefty Seed. It helped me gain experiences in both agronomy and grain origination.  Ag is a great place to have a career because of the high quality of people in the business and great customers you are able to serve.


What is the best thing about being a DCI Contractor?
   The best part of being a contractor is being part a very caring team while being able to still be self-employed. I consider it the best of both worlds.


What would you like to share about your home and family life?
   I am a father of one daughter 15, and two sons 12 and 7. The best part of my life is spending time with them and seeing them grow and develop.


What was your first job?
   My first job was farrowing pigs when I was 9. Dad started me with 4 sows and that launched my passion for farming. 


What are your hobbies and interests?
   My hobbies include long road trips to explore new places. I also like studying the history of the Midwest and have retraced many of Lewis and Clarks stops on their expedition. 


What is your greatest achievement?
   My greatest achievement is being a dad. There is no greater joy.


What are you ordering for your favorite meal?
   My favorite meal is anything Mexican. I could eat tacos three times a day.


What is your favorite sports team?
   I am a Steelers fan of 39 seasons. Ask any Steelers trivia and I should know the answer.  


What are the happiest memories of your life?
   The happiest memory is holding each of my children when they born. No better moments, not even close. 


What three people (living or not) would you invite to a dinner party?
   If I were to invite three strangers to a dinner party they would be John Madden, Mean Joe Greene, and Jerry Rice.  I would be in awe.


What was the first concert you attended?
   I am a hair nation music fan.  My first concert was ACDC followed by KISS.


What historical figure do you admire most?
   My favorite historical persons would be Colin Powell, General McCarthy.  Talk about fearless, never back down attitudes.


Tell us something about yourself that most people do not know:
   I really enjoy mentoring.  Everyone has unlimited potential and its fun to help someone unlock and develop their individual gifts.  


What is the best piece of advice you ever received?
   The best advice I have ever gotten is, "You have 2 ears and one mouth, you need to listen twice as much as you talk".

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