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Welcome to Direct Contact, Inc. (DCI). Since 1997, we have partnered with the agricultural industry to become its first choice in helping our clients meet specific sales, marketing, research, and service goals. When a company needs additional personnel or expertise, we can draw from a roster of more than 15,000 experienced ag professionals from nearly every corner of the U.S. to provide targeted solutions and measurable results. We can assist companies with a wide range of activities. 

What We Do:

  • Participate in and manage new product launches
  • Make face-to-face and telephone outreach calls on growers and retailers to increase client sales
  • Support and gain momentum for existing products
  • Provide trade show and grower meeting representation
  • Temporarily fill vacant sales territories
  • Support marketing programs
  • Evaluate product performance claims and negotiate settlements
  • Manage service and equipment related projects
  • Gather marketing and customer profile information
  • And much more!

The Right people in the Right place at the Right time
At DCI, Our Cornerstone is Agriculture and Has Been for Nearly Thirty Years

With fewer growers farming more acres and fewer retailers influencing more acres, each purchasing decision takes on greater significance and suppliers recognize, more than ever, the importance of earning meaningful and personal time with key decision makers. It is still really all about the handshake across the farm gate. 

The contractors who work on various projects have deep roots in agriculture and know many of the leading industry icons. We have built trusted, professional client relationships that have matured through experience, hard work and a spirit of collaboration aimed at unearthing value. That’s why our business continues to grow and why many clients have become our long-term partners. 

Whether you’re a company needing targeted and temporary assistance or an individual with ag experience looking to join a great team, DCI should be your first choice.

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    Roster of more than 10,000 experienced ag professionals
    from nearly every corner of the U.S. to provide targeted
    solutions and measurable results.

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